Biofouling control solutions

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H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. was founded with the mission to provide Economic and Ecological solutions to control biofouling in industrial water systems. H2O BFS provides complete solutions to prevent biofouling risks in industrial water systems. H2O BFS offers a One-stop-shop for:

  • Consultancy services
  • Biocides/hardware
  • Engineering
  • Dosing system design
  • Biomonitoring systems

We specify, design, build and deliver complete, worry-free biofouling control solutions that are easy to use, customized to your specifications, and meet all government regulations in respect to discharge limits. With an experienced, diverse team and a service network that spans the globe, we’re clearly confident in the products and services we provide.

H2O is unique in providing complete biofouling control packages to achieve the most cost-efficient biofouling control application. Our solution is always based on site specific conditions to be able to guarantee an effective biofouling control procedure.

Please visit our Products and Services page for a comprehensive overview of our diverse package to prevent biofouling related issues in an intake and (cooling) water system. 



To prevent biofouling issues, H2O developed the EcodosingTM methodology. The Ecodosing method results in a dosing procedure which is tailored to the specific local requirements to prevent biofouling settlement and growth. This will reduce the overall chemical dosing up to 50% which results in significant O&M cost benefits. In addition, since Ecodosing requires less biocide and guarantees effective control of biofouling, its use can result in a significant (up to 50%) reduction in environmental impact. This allows a company to contribute to environmental sustainability by helping preserve the local natural environment. Ecodosing works with all type of biocides and is capable to control all type of biofouling species, it will also prevent settlement of biofouling larvae

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Biofouling monitoring service

To provide operators real time insight insight in the risk of biofouling settlement within the water system, H2O BFS developed Biovision service. This provides real time biofouling monitor system to achieve an early warning for biofouling build up in the system.

H2O BFS offers the most advanced biofouling monitor system on the market: the H2O Biovision Monitor™, a proprietary biofouling detection technology.

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