Screening and filters

For specific water screening and filtration related topics H2O BFS works together with its partner company SEE Pty Ltd.

With more than 30+ years experience in intake screening and filtering systems, SEE Pty Ltd provides advice and support for optimal design. For type selection and sizing, careful consideration will be given to water velocities, local tidal conditions, local sea life, likely debris loadings, environmental conditions and regulations. 

Wherever water is taken from sea, river or lake, configuration of the intake screening and filtering equipment is critical. Significant changes are normally not possible to intake structures once they are built. For this reason, awereness of the intake location, local environmental conditions, marine and mammal life and local regulations is necessary.
For existing intakes, we can provide guidance on improvements in screening systems, biofouling protection, changed environmental regulations as well as environmental changes which may have posed new challenges such as jelly fish blooms, algae and seaweed infestations.

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