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H2O Biofouling Solutions provides complete solutions to prevent biofouling risk in industrial water systems.

Only H2O BFS offers a complete solution for biofouling control. Beneficial for new and existing (cooling) water systems.

H2O BFS offers a One-stop-shop for:

  • Consultancy services.
  • Biofouling Control Procedures.
  • Dosing system design.
  • Monitoring protocols.
  • Biomonitoring systems.

H2O is unique in providing complete biofouling control packages to achieve the most cost-efficient biofouling control application. Our solution is always based on site specific conditions to be able to guarantee an effective biofouling control procedure.

Please visit our Products and Services page for a comprehensive overview of our diverse package to prevent biofouling related issues.



To mitigate and prevent biofouling risk in industrial water systems, H2O developed Ecodosing

Environmental, Economical and Operational Benefits:

  • 100% guaranteed effective biofouling control.
  • Up to 50% reduced environmental impact water and air (CO2).
  • Reduced discharge of biocides and its byproducts up to 50%.
  • OPEX and CAPEX cost reduction (30 to 60%).
  • Performance and energy optimization.

Acknowledged by the EU environmental regulatory bodies, global Oil and Gas, Power and Chemical companies as Best Available Technique (BAT).

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Biofouling monitoring service

Best Monitoring Technique

Our Biovision® monitor is designed to mimic real conditions of the intake and (cooling) water system (contruction materials and velocities).

Only H2O BFS offers you the best technique to MONITOR in real time the effectiveness of your biofoulin treatment. If your current treatment is not effective, it will immediately reveal the presence of biofouling organisms.

Detect new invasive species, and minimize the risk of operation shutdown.

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Bioprotect - Screening, fish and jellyfish

A continuous supply of seawater to an industrial facility (e.g. power and/or water producer, refinery, petrochemical plant, etc.) is critical to guarantee its full production potential. An unexpectedly high volume of biological material (e,g, jellyfish, fish, seaweed) can put production at risk by overwhelming the seawater intake screening system, resulting in a complete blockage and a trip of the plant.

The Bioprotect® service can protect seawater intakes against risks arising from: schooling fish, jellyfish blooms, marine mammals, marine turtles, seaweed and seagrass.

The service is jointly provided by three specialist companies: H2O Biofouling Solutions, Five Oceans Environmental Services, and Saltwater Environmental Engineering.

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