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H2O’s mission is to offer a complete solution to Biofouling control, combining the most effective dosing recommendations.


Best Available Technique
for biofouling control.

Reduce the chemicals necessary to control Biofouling settlement, ensuring minimal environmental impact and substantial cost savings.


Online biofilm monitoring system.

On-line monitoring of biofilm activity in cooling water systems provides a key input to control equipment and system operators.


Best early warning system for biofouling build up in a water system.

The Biovision Monitor provides real-time insight into the effectiveness of biofouling control treatment.


Monitor and optimize the performance of your cooling water system.

Control the risk for biofilms, scaling, and corrosion.


Reduce the risk of an unscheduled shutdown.

Guard against risks arising from schooling fish, jellyfish blooms, marine mammals, seaweed and seagrass.


Eliminating Legionella risks by removing conditions favorable to microbial growth.