Best Available Technique to mitigate and prevent biofouling risk in industrial water systems.

H2O Biofouling Solutions provides the most comprehensive solution to the corrosive and costly effects of biofouling.

Our Ecodosing service allows our customers to achieve a significant reduction of chemicals used in the biofouling control process. In practice this means a cost reduction of 30 to 50%.

The results are clear, with new installation capital cost reduced by 10 to 30% and reoccurring operating costs by 30 to 60%. Think of it as a turnkey alternative to biofouling control.

Ecodosing Deliverables:

  • Implementation Plan.
  • Operational guidelines.
  • Monitoring plan (chemical and biological).
  • Biofouling Monitoring systems.

Applicable for all biocides to control all biofouling species


Our Ecodosing service is not limited to sodium hypochlorite and can be effectively applied with any biofouling control product, including all oxidizing or non-oxidizing biocides. This results in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional biofouling control dosing practices.

The technology behind Ecodosing has been declared the best available technology for once-through cooling water systems by the EU IPPC and has been successfully implemented at numerous facilities around the globe.

With Ecodosing, you'll be using the minimum amount of chemicals necessary to control biofouling settlement, ensuring minimal environmental impact and substantial cost savings.


Ecodosing benefits


  • CO2 Emission reduction (1.000 to 5.000 ton per year).
  • Reduced discharge of biocides and its byproducts up to 50%.


  • OPEX cost reduction (30-60%).
  • CAPEX cost reduction (10-30%).


  • Perfornmance optimization.
  • Energy optimization.
  • Control and risk management.
  • Increase in system reliability (uptime): 10-30%.

Additional services

  • Biocide Dosing System Design:

- Design of the dosing system and lines, including fabrication drawings..
- Verification of dosing adequacy using CFD modeling.

To guarantee an efficient biofouling control from a dosing point onwards it is crucial to expose all the intake and     water system surfaces to the dosed biocide products. H2O designs and engineers biocide dosing systems to achieve an optimal dispersion and effectiveness from dosing system onwards.

  • Required chemicals:

H2O BFS is capable to provide the required product to control biofouling. The choice of product depends on local site specific conditions and specifications. We can assist the client to make the correct choice of biofouling control product for their system. The required capacity of the generation system is tailored according our Ecodosing method.

  • Hardware:

- Electrochlorination systems.
- Brine based electrochlorination packages.
- Chlorine dioxide(ClO2).
- Biobullets.

Guarantee on both the equipment AND on the efficiency of the biofouling treatment!

  •  Environmental impact assessment:

Biocides used to control biofouling in water systems can result in a discharge of products that can be harmful to the receiving environment. It is known, for instance, that chlorination of surface water produces byproducts like trihalomethanes (THM).
Our staff has enormous expertise in evaluating the environmental impacts of biocide use in industrial water systems. They are experienced and knowledgeable about chlorination chemistry and the impacts of potential byproducts – especially the identification of chlorination byproducts – like THMs in seawater – whose sampling, conservation and analysis require a specific approach due to the seawater matrix. Our staff carries out sampling exercises and data interpretation that’s evaluated according to local regulations. EPA and EU directives are also taken into account to calculate a realistic environmental impact based on the measured concentrations.