Biofouling related problems like corrosion (MIC) or blockage of filters and pipes can have different causes.

To prevent future operational problems due to biofouling it is very important to identify the root cause.

Identifying the root cause & inspections

H2O has a very experienced team of experts who can identify the root cause. A root cause analysis will also contain a site visit of one of our experts to achieve a good understanding of the problem observed. In addition together with local staff the site specific conditions and operational procedures will be reviewed. Understanding the system conditions and operational procedures will be of high importance. In addition, measurements will be carry out at site to verify specific conditions. 

As an outcome H2O will provide a clear report on the root cause of the biofouling related problems and advise on adjustment of the operational procedures to prevent future problems.

H2O can assist to achieve insight in the performance and status of a cooling water system. Inspections can be helpful to verify the efficiency of the water treatment procedure or to become aware of potential operational risks. Inspections can also be part of a root cause analysis to biofouling (related) operational problems.

Inspection generally comprises two stages:

1. Review of the documentation including the:

  • Water treatment procedure as applied at the different parts of the (cooling) water system
  • Production Load of the utility
  • Monitoring Results (outcome of internal inspections and routine tests)

2. Physical examination of the:

  • Intake
  • Water piping system
  • Condenser/heat exchanger
  • Cooling tower (Pack, Pond, Drift eliminators)
  • Biocide dosing system

The outcome of an inspection will provide insight in the efficiency of the cooling water system. In addition, H2O provides advise how the water treatment can be optimized in a cost-effective way.