Root Cause Analysis

Provides insight in the efficiency of the cooling water systems and advise how the water treatment can be optimised in a cost-effective way, to prevent (future) operational problems due to biofouling and biofouling related problems like, corrosion (MIC) or blockage of filters and pipes.

Identifying the root cause & inspections

H2O has a highly skilled team of experts proficient in identifying the root cause. A thorough root cause analysis entails a site visit by one of our specialists to gain a comprehensive understanding of the observed issue. Additionally, in collaboration with local staff, we review the site-specific conditions and operational protocols. A deep comprehension of these factors is paramount. Furthermore, on-site measurements are conducted to validate specific conditions.

As a result, H2O provides a detailed report describing the root cause of biofouling-related issues and offers recommendations on adjustment of operational procedures to prevent future problems.