Monitor and optimize the performance of your cooling water system. Control the risk of biofilms, scaling and corrosion.

This approach results in an efficient treatment program and provides excellent operational reliability in the system.

Water Treatment Optimization Program

Based on more than 20 years of worldwide experience, H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. can offer you Watertop.

This Water Treatment Optimization Program takes plant-specific water conditions (such as the material of construction, local fauna, water composition, temperature, etc.) into account to establish an optimal water treatment procedure.

H2O Biofouling Solutions can evaluate the effectiveness of water conditioning programs (against microfouling, scaling and corrosion). This can be applied in our mobile Watertop test facility. The H2O Watertop Test facility is designed for standard ISO 16784-2:2006 (previously NEN7420) - a test method for assessing the performance of treatment programs for open recirculation cooling water systems.

Rather than "just" a chemical dosage, Watertop provides a long-term operational support service that helps to monitor and optimize the performance of your cooling systems.

The selection of a proper treatment program, in combination with adequate monitoring, are essential to assuring minimization of cost (both CAPEX and OPEX) and maximization of the protection and proper operations of the plant cooling system.

Watertop Test Facility

The H2O Watertop Test facility can be applied at any location and can be connected to existing cooling water systems in the following ways:

  • As recirculating unit for the evaluation of chemical conditioning programs (effectiveness against microfouling, scaling and corrosion).
  • As real-time scale or corrosion monitor. In this case only the heat exchanger unit will be connected to the cooling water system and scale formation and corrosion can be detected visually. Tubes can be investigated by light microscopic analysis and analysis of corrosion root cause.