November 2018

H2O Biofouling Solutions takes over Pulse-Chlorination® and cooling water assets from Sweco (formally DNV/KEMA)

H2O Biofouling Solutions is an expert company for biofouling control solutions in (cooling)water systems. With the takeover of the Pulse-Chlorination® technology and cooling water assets it expands its unique service portfolio. Pulse-Chlorination has been applied successfully at many industrial cooling water systems worldwide, increasing operational reliability, saving costs and improving environmental sustainability.

In addition, some unique test equipment (Test-Rig) provides H2O the capability to make an assessment of the performance of treatment programs for open recirculation and once through cooling water systems (ISO 16784-2:2006). During this assessment the efficiency for corrosion, scaling and biofouling can be evaluated. The Test-Rig is an unique tool for tailor made optimization mimicking  site specific conditions.