March 2019

H2O BFS becomes member of ENVAQUA. ENVAQUA is the platform for innovative, integrated technological solutions for a future-proof circular economy. It.connects Dutch technology companies that realize a future-proof, circular economy and is the contact point for questions and challenges of stakeholders. ENVAQUA contributes positively to increasing the earning power and export opportunities of its members and collaborates with its partners to promote innovation and knowledge development. More information can be found on

February 2019

The Ecodosing technology is now part of the Technology Catalogue as provided by Deployment Matters. Ecodosing is a proven concept and applied for more than 20 years at many installations world wide and helps companies to save costs and reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere!

November 2018

H2O Biofouling Solutions takes over Pulse-Chlorination® and cooling water assets from Sweco (formally DNV/KEMA)

H2O Biofouling Solutions is an expert company for biofouling control solutions in (cooling)water systems. With the takeover of the Pulse-Chlorination® technology and cooling water assets it expands its unique service portfolio. Pulse-Chlorination has been applied successfully at many industrial cooling water systems worldwide, increasing operational reliability, saving costs and improving environmental sustainability.

In addition, some unique test equipment (Test-Rig) provides H2O the capability to make an assessment of the performance of treatment programs for open recirculation and once through cooling water systems (ISO 16784-2:2006). During this assessment the efficiency for corrosion, scaling and biofouling can be evaluated. The Test-Rig is an unique tool for tailor made optimization mimicking  site specific conditions.