October, 2022

News from H2O Biofouling Solutions

H.Polman, our Managing Director, presented on the11th of October 2022 at IDA world congress in Sydney:
"Control of biofouling related risks by methods reducing the environmental footprint and optimising RO plant performance in the Gulf of Oman" --> if you wish to have a copy of the paper you can contact us: info@h2obfs.com

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May, 2022

News from H2O Biofouling Solutions

H2O Biofoulin Solutions was present in the International Specialty Conference on Innovation Driven Desalination event organized by the International Desalination Association (IDA) in Jeddah KSA 30th May to 1st June 2022.

Where our Managing Director, H.Polman, presented the results we gained with the implementation of Ecodosing™ at SWRO plants.

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March, 2022

News from H2O Biofouling Solutions

We started our field test today to develop the biofouling control specifications according our Ecodosing™ technology for the Shoaiba phase-1 SWRO plant, Saudi Arabia.

In this project we work closely with the Rawafid Industrial team to secure plant production capacity by prevention of marine biofouling attachment in the seawater intake pipes. With our Ecodosing technology we achieved very good results in previous projects at SWRO plants.

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December, 2021

Carlos Lasarte - official representative LatAm region.

We are pleased to announce that Carlos as our official representative
in the LatAm region.

He is an international respected expert in the industry with a unique knowledge.

Carlos has a background in chemistry and is specialized in corrosion. He has a large experience with inspection and maintenance in the Power, Petrochemical, and Oil Refinery industry.


Welcome Carlos!

December, 2021

We are hiring! - Junior Lab Technitian & Field operator

We are looking to hire a talented and enthusiastic person to join our team. If you're a passionate self-starter, H2O BFS is a perfect place to grow your career. This is the opportunity you've been looking for.

Area of Specialization

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Lab experience and/or experience with process technology

Position responsibilities and day-to-day functions:

On one day you’ll be visiting a refinery to perform field measurements on their cooling water system. The next day you’ll be conducting research in one of our mobile laboratory containers located at a power plant. After this, it is time to process and analyse the data from your field work at our office in Elst. Your tasks and responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting in or performing biological, microbiological, biochemical tests and laboratory analysis using the appropriate technical equipment and instruments.
  • Receiving, collecting, and processing samples.
  • Conducting or assisting in field research and surveys to collect data and samples.
  • Prepare and supervise experiments.
  • Calculate test results, and log and report results (using a computer).
  • Maintain equipment in proper working order and maintain a clean work area.
  • Practice safe work habits, including complying with all safety, health, and environmental rules and regulations.
  • Exhibit proper handling of potentially hazardous chemical and biological agents and/or radiation sources in the workplace.
  • Analyse data and prepare reports.
  • Demonstrate a high level of professionalism and confidentiality with company-related matters.

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities

You’ll be working in a fast-paced environment, and you may have several site visits in one week in different parts of NL. You have a healthy dose of adaptability and improvisation skills, as well as good communication skills (both verbal and written) since you’ll be communicating with many different clients in the Netherlands. Furthermore, you’ll need:

  • Strong attention to detail, time management, and organizational skills.
  • Flexibility to work Monday to Friday.
  • Work location NL mainly.
  • Flexible to travel within EU or internationally if required.

The successful candidate would ideally possess the following experience and qualifications:

  • Post-secondary vocational diploma (MBO) or degree in Life Sciences (biology, biochemistry, chemistry or equivalent) field preferred.
  • Laboratory technology training or equivalent 2+ years of experience working in a laboratory.
  • Work experience in field operations, data analysis and data interpretation would be considered an asset.
  • Some basic knowledge of process technology would be considered an asset.

What we offer

  • A diverse team with enthusiastic colleagues (Dutch and international).
  • Starting position: Mon to Friday – full time.
  • Dynamic, challenging work or, as our director puts it: “never a dull moment!”.
  • Opportunity to work abroad for short periods of time.
  • Comprehensive benefits package.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your resume with to:


October, 2021

Take a survey on marine litter - InNoPlastic H2020 project:

The new INNOPLASTIC survey on marine litter is officially online!

Do you think you know everything about marine plastic pollution? Take the survey to find out!

The survey is available in English, Italian and Croatian language and it takes only a few minutes to complete. Data collected will help us get a better picture of the public’s general knowledge and help us raise awareness on the impact of litter on the marine environment.

You can take the survey here.

Thanks for your feedback.


September, 2021


5OES join forces with H2O Biofouling Solutions:

This partnership empowers environmental consultancy services in the industry and beyond.

H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. hereby announces the next step in their growing ambitions to provide the market with an holistic service portfolio related to industrial water treatment to prevent biofouling.

Five Oceans Environmental Services LLC (5OES), an environmental consultancy company based in the UK and Oman with more than 25 years’ experience, specialises in projects located in coastal environments and advisory services relating to natural resources and their conservation, joins H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. as a shareholder. The relationship between the companies began more than 7 years ago, with the intent of underlining the importance of environmental options and practices in the industrial water system industries.  

The strengthened relationship between the two companies will help both to deliver services that provide solutions for their clients that are more sustainable and more commercially viable with reduced impacts to the environment.

To mark this change H2O is launching a new company logo: the green mussel logo represents our expertise in preventing biofouling growth in industrial systems while at the same time reducing impact on the local environment by reducing the use of chemicals to an absolute minimum.

“We are proud of this next step in our company’s growth, and it fits the ambition to serve our clients with cost effective solutions which aim to preserve the environment. The experience 5OES brings to our company will strengthen our portfolio and regional presence in the GCC,” said Harry Polman, Managing Director of H2O BFS.

“5OES and H2OBFS share a similar business philosophy so the culture of the two organisations is already closely aligned. Add to this the fact that each company offers complementary services, and both operate in similar markets with overlapping clients, it was immediately obvious that this new relationship would bring efficiency and value to all concerned, not least of which are our shared and future clients." said Simon Wilson, Technical Director of 5OES.


12th May, 2021

AN EU Horizon 2020 project - Ultrasound tackles "invisible" nano-plastics:

COVID pandemic fast-tracks technological development that will clean plastic litter in oceans.

The current COVID pandemic challenges our societies with extensive amounts of plastic mask debris released into our environment. As a response to this growing issue, and to respond to the nanoparticle pollution in the water ecosystems, several technological solutions are being accelerated to achieve the  overall goal – a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for everyone. InNoPlastic, a newly launched  EU H2020 research and innovation project, combines ultra-sound methodologies with other innovative  solutions, to tackle plastic litter and enable easier removal from oceans and the seas worldwide. 

The project will work on three different technologies each targeting multiple types of marine plastic  pollution that occur in various environmental settings. 

The first solution targets micro and nano plastic that affect the marine environment and ultimately our food chains. In an exciting combination of ultra-sound, flocculants, and a drum screen we aim to funnel  water from massive industrial cooling water systems to agglomerate and filter out the harmful micro  and nano-plastics out of our waters. The objective is to bring it to fulfilment whilst protecting local  marine life. The amount of cooling water extracted and returned in the industry is equivalent to half of what the river Rhine discharges.  

The second clean up technology is the autonomous litter hunting robot “SEEKer” that will patrol  beaches together with human help or alone in hard-to-reach locations. SEEKer will use machine learning intelligence to identify, monitor and, of course, also pick the plastic litter as it goes along. 

The third solution is the Empower social app, which incentivizes and rewards local volunteers and tourists to pick and track litter in community clean-ups, for example, by offering a discount on your  favourite pizza, fitness gym or gifts for others. The app collects information that will, consequently,  provide essential knowledge about the types of pollution, its location, condition and how the collected  litter can be put to good use in the circular plastics economy. 

The cleaning technologies will be test-driven in varying environments, from industrial sites in the Netherlands to tourist beaches and natural sites in Krk (Croatia), Venice (Italy), Sint Maarten (part of  the Kingdom of the Netherlands), and the Thames estuary in the United Kingdom. By the end of the  project, we plan to be able to remove 90% of all litter from these sites, creating a long-term positive  impact on the local ecosystem and wildlife. Ultimately, the collected plastic will be recycled back into  new products creating value out of the waste and supporting the circular economy. 

Gregor Luthe (Professor and inventor, NanoBay): “Thanks to COVID-19 we have been able to accelerate  the development of our solution, which is now commercially available. We look forward to investigate  its possible advantages in water and freeing our oceans and waterways from nano-plastics.” 

Wim van der Stricht (CTO – carbon circularity, ArcelorMittal): “The collected plastics can be recycled  through our steel manufacturing process. This fits nicely in our carbon circularity strategy where  plastics will replace our fossil fuels and produce a syngas suitable for the chemical industry to produce  new plastics.” 

Cornelis van Houwelingen (head regulatory, DOW): “We know that we can’t solve the plastic waste issue alone. We are all partners in this cause to end plastic waste in the environment. At Dow, we can  contribute to this project in two ways. Firstly, our cooling water systems can potentially act as filters to  take out the micro-plastics coming from the river Scheldt. And with the collected plastics we will identify within the project what viable recycling routes are possible, fitting seamlessly in our sustainability  strategy and in advancing a circular economy.” 

The Hollywood star Liev Schreiber, involved with Venice Lagoon Plastic Free team and with a team of  French reporters from Feelingside production on a marine litter monitoring in the Grand Canal of Venice, told us that “by being passionately fond of the sea, he is also active with his family in  environmental and clean-up activities in Montauk (Long Island).” By sharing the same bond with nature, we all found the experience very enjoyable and rewarding. 

Davide Poletto, Director of Venice Lagoon Plastic Free, during the interview with Euronews, stressed out the importance to engage people on the field to fight against marine litter: 'I think that one of the  most important things is to get people closer to the problem of marine litter, of how we treat our  environment, rebuilding a bond that's been somehow cut off in our modern civilisation between us and  our environment. This is the key to make bigger changes — much bigger than cleaning up a little piece of the lagoon.

Susie Jahren (Sintef): “We are thrilled to be part of developing solutions that keep plastics out of the environment, ensure they are put back into the loop and support the transition to a circular economy.” 

InNoPlastic invites interested stakeholders and communities to take part in actions to clean coastal ecosystems from plastic pollution. Only through the joint effort, we can activate a wave of change and progress with a solution for the global problem of marine plastic litter. 

The project consortium consists of 17 partners from 10 different countries includes 2 research organisations, 2 Government bodies, 4 Industry End Users, 2 NGO, 7 SME of which 4 technology and 3  service providers. 

InNoPlastic started in October 2020 and is a three-year project funded with a 7.4 million Euro grant from the EU H2020 research project, funded under the call ”Pilot action for the removal of marine  plastics and litter”, Topic ID: CE-FNR-09-2020 (Grant Agreement 101000612)


Duración del proyecto: octubre de 2020 - octubre de 2023

Presupuesto del proyecto: 7,4 millones de euros

Fuente de financiación: EU Horizon2020 GA: 101000612

Socios del proyecto: SINTEF, Empower, ArcelorMittal, Probotica, Ponikve, Sensum, EdF, NanoBay, Venice Lagoon Plastic Free, BlueXPRT, DOW, FishFlow Innovations, H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V., Uniper, Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, Universidad POLITEHNICA de Bucarest, Rivers Trust





14th January, 2021

New partnership announcement:

Structural Integrity Associates Inc., a comprehensive company that provides innovative engineering solutions and best in-value services to the Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas, and Renewable Energy industry and H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. (H2O BFS), a Dutch based company who developed a biofouling control method (EcodosingTM) which is acknowledged by the EU environmental regulatory bodies, global Oil and Gas, Power and Chemical companies as BAT (best available technique) to mitigate and prevent biofouling risk in industrial water systems, proudly announced today business cooperation to advance their mutual goal of helping the industries to prevent biofilm build-up by using a very accurate online monitoring system, BIoGEORGETM (Biofilm Growth Detector). The BIoGEORGE TM system has proven itself in industrial applications for more than 20 years.

H2O BFS will be the exclusive representative for the latest release of the BIoGEORGE TM (BG4) Biofilm Growth Detector in The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

About BIoGEORGE™ (BG4)

The BG4 system incorporates 20 years of biofilm consulting experience with ‘real-time’ monitoring technology to optimize client water chemistry system performance and lower O&M cost.  This evolution of the BIoGEORGE™ product line includes analytical software (BGConnect) and enhanced communications utilizing a Bluetooth enabled phone/tablet application (BGMobile).  The system provides real-time data, customizable graphs, and shareable reports, allowing the user to evaluate their chemical treatment program’s effectiveness on-demand.

About Structural Integrity Associates Inc.

Founded in 1983, Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI), is an internationally recognized leader of specialty engineering, monitoring and inspection services as highly effective asset management solutions to optimize safety and enhance performance.

Powered by ‘Talent & Technology’, the SI team has delivered 6300+ projects across 40+ engineering disciplines for clients in multiple industries including Nuclear, Fossil, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, and across a broad spectrum of critical infrastructure facilities.

For more information, please visit www.structint.com

About H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.

H2O BFS was founded with the mission to provide Economic and Ecological solutions to control biofouling in industrial water systems.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. offers a holistic approach to the treatment of Biofouling, with best‐in‐class hardware and consulting services including customized biocide injection packages.

For more information, please visit www.h2obfs.com

01st January, 2021

New offices SPAIN:

H2O Biofouling Solutions announces the opening of a new office in Spain.

After solid growth in the number of Spanish customers and in order to offer even more opportunities to our customers in LatAm, we are pleased to announce that we have opened a new branch in Spain.

The creation of H2O Biofouling Solutions IBERIA S.L. has been driven by our belief and evidence that the right conversation and the right time is essential to support our customers in the area and expand into the Latin American market. We look forward to continuing to do business with you and to be able to support you within our area of expertise.


20th / 21st October, 2020

In-No-Plastic - Kickoff project meeting.

H2O Biofouling Solutions is proud to announce that we are part of this EU Horizon 2020 project!

The kick-off meeting of newly launched EU Horizon 2020 project “In-No-Plastic” (Innovative approaches towards prevention, removal and reuse of marine plastic litter) took place on 20th and 21st October via web, due to covid19 limitation to travel. The project, coordinated by the National Research Institute SINTEF based in Norway, aims at designing and implementing nano, micro and macro-plastic cleaning technologies based on a combined methodology of social and technical removal strategies. The project will focus on industrial hotspots through cooling water systems (CWS), harbours, lagoons, shores and shallow sea water.

The technical strategy consists of the comparison between existing methods and multiple developing technologies for the removal of plastics at different testing areas in Europe, and the Caribbean, with idea to be mirrored in other areas.

The social strategy, on the other hand, focusses on the engagement of the local population by incentivising plastic recovery in return for monetary or another recompense. In order to achieve social part of project’s strategy, different clean-up events will be organized on several pilot locations where local community and stakeholders’ groups will be able to participate: Venice Lagoon, Krk island in Croatia, river Thames in the UK and the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten.

The approach entails a comprehensive monitoring system to gather data at frequencies of every 6 months for 2 years. This is done to understand the effectiveness of the new technologies and current clean-up approaches both in terms of cutting down plastic presence in the environment and its effects on the marine and local ecosystem.

In-No-Plastic gathers 17 partners from 10 countries and has a life span of 36 months. It will also investigate different recycling methods, aiming to connect plastic removal with circular economy processes and, therefore, close the loop. Besides Norwegian SINTEF, in project participate five partners from the Netherlands (BlueXprt, H20, DOW Benelux, FishFlow and Uniper), three from Croatia (Ponikve, Sensum and Probotica), EDF from France, Empower from Norway, ArcelorMittal Belgium from Belgium, Venice Lagoon Plastic Free from Italy, The Rivers Trust from the UK, NB from Germany, Polytechnic University of Bucharest from Romania and Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance from Bonaire.

For more information https://www.innoplastic.eu/ 


August 25th, 2020

Bioprotect - a service of H2O Biofouling Solutions

A continuous supply of seawater to an industrial facility (e.g. power and/or water producer, refinery, petrochemical plant, etc.) is critical to guarantee its full production potential. An unexpectedly high volume of biological material (e,g, jellyfish, fish, seaweed) can put production at risk by overwhelming the seawater intake screening system, resulting in a complete blockage and a trip of the plant.

The #Bioprotect service can protect seawater intakes against risks arising from: schooling fish, jellyfish blooms, marine mammals, marine turtles, seaweed and seagrass.

The service is jointly provided by three specialist companies: H2O Biofouling Solutions, Five Oceans Environmental Services, and Saltwater Environmental Engineering.

August 3rd, 2020

Biovision - a service of H2O Biofouling Solutions

Biofouling in water systems is often not observed until it results in an operational issue for the utility. To make operators aware of increased numbers of biofouling, H2O Biofouling Solutions develop a monitoring system (Biovision) to get 24/7 insight in the risks caused by biofouling. Please watch our animation to get more insight in our service.

Biofouling Monitoring systems which provide operators continuous insight in the risk for biofouling settlement.

This provides real time biofouling monitor system to achieve an early warning for biofouling build up in the system.


July 14th, 2020

H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. announce a cooperation agreement with ICE – International Consultants Engineers in Egypt

H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. proudly announce a new cooperation agreement signed with ICE – International Consultants Engineers, to support Egypt with our services across Egypt.

Mr. H. Polman, Managing Director of H2O BFS said: “We are extremely pleased to sign this cooperation agreement with ICE Egypt. Their long expertise on Integrity and Corrosion at industrial plants is a great match with our expertise on biofouling control in (cooling) water systems. We are sure together we will provide industry-leading products and services, that combine innovative and ecological solutions to provide operational reliability of cooling water systems for the industry in Egypt.”

H2O BFS was founded in 2014 with the mission to provide Economic and Ecological solutions to control biofouling in industrial water systems. With recognition and experience in a vast amount of countries, H2O is unique in providing complete biofouling control packages to achieve the most cost-efficient biofouling control application.

“We are honoured to start cooperating with H2O BFS. H2O BFS wealth of experience in controlling bio-fouling brings numerous opportunities to our clients. Our clients will have more efficient operations, less maintenance, increase the plants reliability and would hence have more profitable operations. Helping our end users in achieving operational excellence is our ultimate goal and H2O BFS will bring major opportunities with their state of the art technology and expertise” said Mr. Houssam Sabry, Managing Director of ICE Egypt.

International Consultant Engineers (ICE) was founded in 2001 by a group of Oil and Gas experts who have a wealth of international experience to provide its customers with unique solutions in Engineering, Assets Integrity and Corrosion Control Services.

With head-offices in Cairo, Egypt, we provide state of the art solutions that would be specifically tailored to the client’s needs to maintain the integrity of your assets. ICE also manufactures a complete range of cathodic protection products both for offshore and onshore assets through its factory located in New Cairo, Egypt.

If you wish to learn more about ICE you can check http://www.ice-corrosion.com

June 30th, 2020

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with SAS Flare International Co. Ltd.

With headquarters in Al-Jubail, SAS Flare International Co. Ltd. is one of the leading contracting companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and India. With extensive experience in the industry, SASINTL has proudly stood apart from the rest with the help of its premium services for industrial businesses which focus on key areas in the oil and gas, power, petrochemical, marine and water industries.

The partnership comes at a time of increased awareness of environmental sustainability and cost-effective plant operation. The service portfolio of H2O Biofouling Solutions (H2O BFS) fits well with the expertise of SASINTL and provides clients additional value in the design and operation of a plant. H2O BFS developed technologies which have proven to be highly effective to control biofouling in marine (cooling) water systems using the lowest amount of chemicals possible. Especially for SWRO plants this has proven to be a very good option to mitigate marine biofouling in the feed pipes.

H. Polman: “We are very excited working with SASINTL which will be of great value for the companies in the Gulf region, and we are looking forward to work add value to the scope both companies can offer to clients and in new to build plants”.



June 17th 2020

We are pleased to announce that H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. has strengthened its long-standing relationship with Five Oceans Environmental Services (5OES) who will provide the contact point for #H2OBiofoulingSolutions business in the Gulf region from their office in Muscat.

This step further extends our company’s global presence and will allow us to better service our clients’ needs in the region.

For further information and enquiries please call us on +968 24696912. #biofouling #environmentalsolutions

25th May 2020 - Biomonitoring | Get the most out of early warning for Biofouling - Webinar.

Last week we provided a webinar on biofouling monitoring throught the Deployment Matters Technology Catalogue https://www.technologycatalogue.com/

Watch our "Biomonitoring | Get the most out of early warning for Biofouling" webinar by click on below link:


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April 2020 - Jellyfish bloom

A continuous supply of seawater is essential for the operation of every coastal industrial plant. In the past period high density patches of jellyfish have again been observed at sea along the Omani coastline. This had a significant impact on coastal industries in Oman. In response to the risk we have formed a group of expert companies (H2O Biofouling Solutions, Five Oceans Environmental Services and Saltwater Environmental Engineering) that brings together experts in the fields of seawater intake system management, local marine ecology and oceanography, and cooling water system screening and engineering. This partnership has developed a service package called Bioprotect that analyses how companies can reduce operational risks caused by the mass ingress of jellyfish that may reduce the delivery of seawater to your plant.

Bioprotect protects intake seawater systems not only for jellyfish, it will also help to prevent operational problems caused due to ingress of schooling fish, marine turtles, seaweed and seagrass. 

For more information contact us or click here


March 2020

Legionella is a major problem that is often underestimated.

We had the great opportunity to talk about our 20+ years experience to prevent #legionella risks. Read more in the interview to our MD, Harry Polman, published by #Mediaplanet 


March 2020

We are pleased to announce that our MD, H.Polman, wrote a chapter in this recently published book. The book addresses critical issues in desalination and cooling water system - "Corrosion and Fouling Control in Desalination Industry"

For all involved in the desalination industry I like to inform you on the release of the book “Corrosion and Fouling Control in Desalination Industry”. I wrote the chapter “Technologies for Biofouling Control and Monitoring in Desalination” in cooperation with Maarten Bruijs and Dr. Henk Jenner.

This book addresses two critical problems that plague materials that make up components in both desalination and cooling water systems: corrosion, and fouling. The book presents solutions to the problems encountered by internal and external parts of these systems and will aid professionals that design, operate, and maintain them. It will be valuable to professionals in the materials, corrosion, electrochemical and wastewater industries, as well as chemical engineers.


March 2019

H2O BFS becomes member of ENVAQUA. ENVAQUA is the platform for innovative, integrated technological solutions for a future-proof circular economy. It.connects Dutch technology companies that realize a future-proof, circular economy and is the contact point for questions and challenges of stakeholders. ENVAQUA contributes positively to increasing the earning power and export opportunities of its members and collaborates with its partners to promote innovation and knowledge development. More information can be found on https://www.envaqua.nl/home-eng/

February 2019

The Ecodosing technology is now part of the Technology Catalogue as provided by Deployment Matters. Ecodosing is a proven concept and applied for more than 20 years at many installations world wide and helps companies to save costs and reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere!

November 2018

H2O Biofouling Solutions takes over Pulse-Chlorination® and cooling water assets from Sweco (formally DNV/KEMA)

H2O Biofouling Solutions is an expert company for biofouling control solutions in (cooling)water systems. With the takeover of the Pulse-Chlorination® technology and cooling water assets it expands its unique service portfolio. Pulse-Chlorination has been applied successfully at many industrial cooling water systems worldwide, increasing operational reliability, saving costs and improving environmental sustainability.

In addition, some unique test equipment (Test-Rig) provides H2O the capability to make an assessment of the performance of treatment programs for open recirculation and once through cooling water systems (ISO 16784-2:2006). During this assessment the efficiency for corrosion, scaling and biofouling can be evaluated. The Test-Rig is an unique tool for tailor made optimization mimicking  site specific conditions.